Strata gardening

Are you looking for a professional strata gardening service that will bring out the best in your garden?

Our experienced team of strata gardeners can perform most jobs around the garden, no matter how small or large they may be. Leave the hard work to us – we’ll ensure your garden always looks its best, without you having to lift a finger.

Strata garden & lawn care

Strata gardening & lawn care


Hedge trimming

Residential & commercial strata cleaning, gardening, maintenance

Residential & commercial properties

Commonly performed strata gardening services include:

  • •All aspects of garden maintenance
  • •Soft landscaping, landscape maintenance and landscape upgrades •
  • Garden improvement, garden cleanups and garden makeovers
  • Lawn care – mowing & edging, fertilising, spraying for weeds and pests
  • Trimming shrubs & hedges
  • •Weeding and weed control
  • Spraying garden beds, pathways, driveways and other areas for weeds
  • Grounds maintenance
  • High pressure cleaning – retailing walls, edging, water features, statues etc.
  • Small tree lopping / trimming
  • Fertilising shrubs, trees, pot plants etc.
  • Supply plants
  • Drip irrigation watering systems
  • Watering your garden
  • Mulching – pine bark, pebbles, sugar cane mulch etc.
  • Build vegetable gardens / assemble pre-made vegetable gardens
  • Build and/or maintain indoor gardens and pot plants
  • Rubbish removal


Garden maintenance can take place on a regularly scheduled or casual basis.
And there’s no restrictions on our gardening services either. So whether you just need someone to mow your lawn, or to take care of all your gardening needs, we can help you.

Please contact us to discuss your gardening requirements.
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